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Highest Quaility


The high definition, lifelike quality of high end telepresence systems are available to the masses, and small and mid size enterprises, as a non-capital intensive service based solution from HSV.
For the first time, high definition video communications and desktop telepresence is available as a managed service offering that truly democratizes video communications.
Truly substituting face to face communication with video is much talked about but less often delivered. Whereas large telepresence systems with dedicated hardware based end points and leased telecommunications lines is the answer in high end, high budget solutions, the other end of the spectrum of video communications is based on software clients and public Internet connectivity.
We provide a managed solution that utilizes the available and highly cost effective bandwidth of the public Internet, without leaving you to the mercy of best effort delivery that sometimes works and sometimes does not.
For a truly enterprise grade video and audio quality without expensive dedicated hardware or dedicated lines, HSV is the only solution that gives you the quality in video communications that you require as a desktop telepresence alternative to face to face meetings.
You can also use the enterprise grade video and audio quality of our service to extend the functionality of your high end telepresence rooms and hardware based dedicated endpoints from other vendors.